DéjàNude Sphynx

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they feel the cold?

Yes, of course, as you would if you ran around naked.

Will I have to put a coat on them in winter?

No, they will find somewhere warm to sleep.  We recommend a heat pad for use during winter if you live in a particularly cold area or do not allow them to sleep with you.

Do they like to be picked up?

Yes, they also love to ride on your shoulders.

What is their nature like?

Very happy and outgoing in most situations, boisterous and playful who crave human attention.  They love to interact with family, other pets and visitors.  They are very friendly and want to supervise you wherever you are.  As a rule, they are very accepting.

Do they need special food?

No, any good quality food suits them but they eat a little more than most cats as they need to for energy and warmth.

Do they need any special care?

 Yes, they require regular bathing as the oil from their skin can make your bed linen oily.  We use a tearless baby shampoo.  At the same time as bathing, clip their nails and clean their ears and wipe their eyes.

How old are they when they leave for their new homes?

No younger than 12 weeks.

Do I have to get them desexed?

No, this will be done prior to them leaving us.  As per Queensland regulation they also have a tattoo in their ears to show that they are desexed.

What colours do they come in?

Every colour that any other cat comes in.

Are they vaccinated?

At the time of going to their new homes they are current with their vaccinations and microchipped.

Are sphynx hypoallergenic cats?

It is a common misconception that sphynx are hypoallergenic due to their lack of hair.  It depends on whether a persons allergy relates to cat hair or cat saliva.  If allergic to saliva, then the same reaction will probably happen with a sphynx. 

Are sphynx totally bald?

Sphynx are not totally hairless, and usually have a peach fuzz all over with with hair on their ears and nose.  Some have hair on the end of their tails as well.  If you would like a copy of the breed standard, please contact us. 

What if I have any other questions?

You will be provided with a Sphynx passport when you purchase a kitten, which includes kitten information, pedigree, photo's, vet documents, details on feeding, handy hints and a small shopping list.  You can contact us at any time if you have any other questions.

How much do they cost?

Price varies, but $2000-$2500 for a kitten.  Price is based on whether the kitten is show quality or not and does not include freight or cage (not being show quality may include having a kink in the tail, ears at a different set, a weak chin, etc according to ACF sphynx standards).  Kittens come with a kitten pack including a bed, Royal Canin kitten pack, 2kg dry food, wet food samples, 6 weeks free insurance with Petplan.  

Does the breed have any known diseases?

Yes Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).  All breeds of cat can suffer from this disease which is a thickening of the left arterial wall of the heart.  There is no cure, but if affected mildly they can live a long life. All cats are tested annually from 1 year of age with veterinary cardiologist, Dr Richard Woolley or Dr Brad Gavaghan.